Lean Six Sigma

In a time of extremely competitive market, when customers and shareholders are becoming increasingly demanding, many companies implement either Lean or Six Sigma to deliver products or services that are of higher quality and lower costs.

Individually, Lean (working faster) and Six Sigma (working better) fill important needs, but using integrated they help organization to achieve process optimization in terms of speed, quality and cost. Then both methodologies applied in tandem, can help organization to sustain the good results and strive for continuous improvement.

Our approach

  • Process improvement by using Lean Six Sigma is one of our main consulting activities (we have experience and background).
  • We combine trainings, coaching and consulting (audits).
  • We adjust the methodology individually for each client.
  • We ensure Lean Six Sigma certification. We combine Lean, Six Sigma and change management approaches.
  • Training quality guaranteed: our training is highly interactive, customized for your domain; we use simulations, games, case studies and practical exercises, as well as work on real improvement projects.
  • Trainings in 9 languages (16 consultants) at the entire ICG Group level.


The trainings focus on increasing process efficiency, as well as products and services quality for both production and service industry.

We offer certified Lean Six Sigma trainings for 3 levels (Belts): Yellow, Green and Black.

The trainings provide knowledge of Lean and Six Sigma methodology for process improvement from basic to advanced level. After completing this courses, the trainees will be able to find good opportunities for improvement and subsequently manage medium to large process improvement projects.

The training presents all stages of the DMAIC cycle (a structured procedure for managing projects in 5 stages) focusing on the practical application of key tools from each stage. Simulation game, case studies practical exercises and working on real projects guarantee in-depth understanding of individual tools of the methodology.

In addition, this courses present approaches of process management, strategic models of how to correctly and quickly implement the improvement of processes, using practical examples from different industries. Emphasis is also placed on working with a team, communication and creative-thinking modules. Participants also obtain skills in leading teams through the process of change.

Upon course completion, participants can follow through to Lean Six Sigma Yellow/ Green/ Black Belt certification.

Please see below detailed information for all of our Lean Six Sigma trainings.

Training goals and characteristics:

  • To train project leaders and specialists in Lean Six Sigma methodology.
  • To train the management in the field of management of the Lean Six Sigma program, identification of improvement opportunities and also suitable project leaders.
  • To train employees in the field of change management so that they can actively promote process improvement and remove obstacles or reduce change resistance.

Lean Six Sigma Trainings Description:


“An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage.” (Jack Welch)

With coaching, projects are delivered faster and with higher financial savings.

For companies where Lean Six Sigma is fully or partially deployed, we offer regular project coaching (on-site or remote) for process improvement experts (Improvement project leaders, Yellow Belts, Green Belt, Black Belt, Lean experts) with the aim of supporting project delivery in a dedicated scope and time, while achieving the highest possible benefits.

What is coaching?

Coaching sessions involves regular meetings with our consultants in the range of about 2 hours per project with a frequency established together with participants (depending on participant’s skills, the projects they are leading, the availability of expertise within organization etc.).

Project coaching help paricipants and organizations ensure that the defined goal of the project will be delivered, as well as tools and techniques suitable for the project will be used. Coaching sessions and the project work itself are important factors leading to the Yellow/ Green/ Black Belt certification (including pre-testing).

Coaching goals and characteristics:

  • We move on to coaching of project leaders after the training and in the course of project work. This will ensure the transfer of know-how in the organization.
  • Monitoring projects: status and compliance with the project plan.
  • Drawing up an action plan with the next steps.
  • Preparing for the workshop (detailed agenda, selection of tools, work with participants).
  • Assistance with data analysis (type of data, sampling, plotting, six sigma metrics, statistical tool selection).
  • "On-the job" training (increasing knowledge, explanation of the topic using a real project).

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In order to determine which program is best suited your specific need, please contact our Lean Six Sigma consultants.

Oana IANCOVICI, e-mail: Oana.Iancovici@integratedconsulting.ro

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